Scholarship Awards:


The Foundation believes in supporting our students for higher education.  Scholarship awards can assist to defray some of that cost and make an education beyond high school more accessible. The Foundation manages several scholarship funds established by members of the community, for award, and is able to accept funds for scholarship distribution as a 501(c)3 entity. 

Community Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships can be established by using the form Here:


In 2020 the Foundation will distribute the following Scholarships.


They can be applied for via the Strongsville High School Scholarship Application Guidance office process.  Information on that can be found via this link.


Community Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships can be established by using the form Here:


The Samantha Archer Memorial Scholarship Application can be found here: 


NOTE, the deadline for the Samantha Archer Memorial Fund is April 17, 2020.


The SHS Senior Salute is on May 14, 2020. 


The Foundation WILL awarD the following scholarships in 2020:


Community Scholarships:

  • Strongsville Education Foundation $1000 each: Matthew Williams, Jamie Melland, Amanda Tinnirello

  • Matthew Gritti Memorial Scholarship $1000:  Samantha Orlosky

  • David MacDowell Memorial Scholarship $1000: Bianca Banez

  • Ryan Cleveland Memorial Scholarship $1000: Alexandra Romero Kiselar

  • Brooke Bossman Memorial Scholarship $400: Kirsten Epple

  • Michael Joy Scholarship  $1000 each: Jade Hall, Alexandra Kadras, Brianna Thompson

Endowed Scholarships:

  • George Setterfield Memorial Scholarship $1000:  Tris Arthur 

  • S.R. Zellers Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: Giorgio Dushaw, Shubh Thakkar

  • Kailee Mayher Memorial Scholarship $500:  Lily Smith

  • Samantha Archer Memorial Scholarship $2500/year for up to 3 years while in clinical rotations:

  • 2020 Recipient: Kirsten Powell 2018 SHS Grad 

  • 2021 Recipient: Molly Largent 2020 SHS Grad



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