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Scholarship Awards:


The Foundation believes in supporting our students for higher education.  Scholarship awards can assist to defray some of that cost and make an education beyond high school more accessible. The Foundation manages several scholarship funds established by members of the community, for award, and is able to accept funds for scholarship distribution as a 501(c)3 entity. 


In 2022 the Foundation distributed the following Scholarships:


2023 SEF Scholarships:


Community Scholarships:

David MacDowell Memorial Scholarship $1000

Ryan Cleveland Memorial Scholarship $1000

Brooke Bossman Memorial Scholarship $400

Carole Maatz Music Scholarship $1000

Yvette Lane Memorial Scholarship $500 

Michael Joy Memorial Scholarship – 3 x $1000

Samantha Archer Memorial Scholarship 1 x $2500 per year up to 3 years for nursing, (separate application process) 

Strongsville Education Foundation Scholarship 3 x $1000

WePlayFor3 Ally Sidloski Memorial Scholarship 1 x $3000

Adams Prize for Excellence in Music 1 x $1000 (NEW)

Jessica L. Adams International Relations Scholarship 1 x $1000 (NEW)




Kevin W. Gaffney Memorial Scholarship 4 x $1000 (separate application process)

S.R. Zellers Memorial Scholarship - 2 x $1000

George Setterfield Memorial Scholarship $500

Kailee Mayher Memorial Scholarship – $500 



The Samantha Archer Memorial Scholarship APPLICATION Available HERE: Application

The KEVIN W. GAFFNEY Memorial Scholarship APPLICATION Available HERE: Application

Community Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships can be established by using the form Here: Establish A Scholarship

The Foundation awarded the following scholarships in 2022:


2022 SEF Community Scholarships:


Brooke Bossman Memorial Scholarship $400: Katherine Ogrean

Carole L. Maatz Music Scholarship $1000: Grace Zarzour

David MacDowell Memorial Scholarship $1000: Anya Krishnan

Michael Joy Scholarship $1000 each: Justin Haumesser and Alexis Fillar

Ryan Cleveland Memorial Scholarship $1000: Victor Krawulski

Samantha Archer Memorial Scholarship $2500/year for up to 3 years: Alyssa Hughes

Strongsville Education Foundation Scholarship $1000 each: Faith Lee, Meredith Klinzing and Ava Kadras


2021 SEF Endowed Scholarships:


George Setterfield Memorial Scholarship $1000: John Maloney

Kailee Mayher Memorial Scholarship $500: John Yarwood

S.R. Zellers Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: LeAnne Hawk and Trent Thall


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