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Grants provide funds for innovative educational initiatives that often fall beyond the reach of the SHS District budget.


Apply for a Grant Application here: Grant Application





The Foundation Endowment Grants are: 


  • B. Kinsner Endowment

  • Rademaker-Miller Coaching

  • W. Ehrnfelt Jr. Endowment

  • Nancy H Rainone 1st Grade Literacy Endowment 


In addition, the Foundation classroom grant program is extremely successful and has provided financial support to projects throughout the entire school district.


To date more than $237,000 has been donated to Strongsville City Schools classrooms. Grant awards are on a rolling grant cycle and are distributed accordingly. Sample grants include:


  • Global Learning Project

  • Health Testing for Students

  • Transitional Learning Center

  • Space Day

  • Sign Language Curriculum

  • Arts Ambassador Program

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